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Art On The Street That Inspires

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Art On The Street That Inspires

Graffiti Art On The Street and Photoshoot With Shannon Bradley Wearing J'aime Vendredi Unisex T-Shirt, PHD TEE

Art on the street that inspires us is something we want to share with you all. I don't know about you but when I walk down the street in the city and a piece of street art pops out of the pavement or wall, it has an affect on me.

Amongst the concrete jungle, the artist projects a message, bold colour, crazy graphics or something absolutely beautiful. It evokes the emotions, often enough that the viewer stops to take it in. Perhaps it conveys, sadness, futility, anger, celebration, joy, hope or future aspiration. Whatever the effect, the creativity behind it often results in a connection.

There are different types of street art. My preference is for graffiti (it  has to be clever) and paintings. Generally, I've found street art uplifting, inspirational and have a real admiration for the artist behind it. 

Street Wall Art

For the street style theme of the French Collection Unisex T-shirt, J'aime Vendredi, we found the perfect location (Australia) with a graffiti backdrop. Image of Brand Ambassador and Model, Shannon Bradley.

I'm sure you'd agree, we owe thanks to all the talented artists out there who create amazing street art and wall art for us to enjoy!


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