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Cotton Field To T-Shirt The Process

Cotton Field To T-Shirt, Factory Showing the Knitting of a Cotton T-Shirt
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Cotton Field To T-Shirt  - What's The Process?

Have you ever wondered what's behind the magic of turning cotton into a t-shirt? We decided to look into it and this is what we discovered.
We've represented the basic process into this handy infographic to make it easier to follow.

Cotton To T-Shirt - The Process


Cotton Field To T-Shirt, The process, Infographic by PhD Tee

T-shirt Knitting Factory


Cotton Field To T-Shirt. T-Shirt Manufacturing Factory

So as you can see , there's quite a bit involved in turning cotton into t-shirts. There are different types of machinery used in the process. Read more about the machinery used in the cotton to fabric textile industryEco-friendly manufacturing of t-shirts, has it's own set of guidelines not covered in this post.
We haven't covered the details fo the printing processes here. We'll save that for another post.

The Editor, PhD Tee

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