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Environmentally Friendly T-Shirt Manufacture

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Environmentally Friendly T-Shirt Manufacture

PHD TEE Eco-Friendly Apparel

PHD TEE™ prides itself in quality products and considers our planet in the process. That's why we carefully select our manufacturing suppliers.
We want to be sure that the manufacturing of our products is sustainable, environmentally friendly as possible and does not involve sweatshops

Raw Cotton Growing in Cotton Field
Our supplier's credibility as members of a number of organisations committed to ethical manufacturing practices assure us that we are offering products that live up to the brand's high standards.

For example, here are some of the badges that reflect the commitment to these ethics.

Industry Standards Badges
Many of our customers are opting for 100% cotton, bamboo and combination eco products for the reasons highlighted above. In response to this, we have chose fabrics to offer 100% cotton, bamboo and other eco products.

Layers of Raw Cotton
Raw cotton yarns used in our t-shirts and apparel are derived from USA cotton and spun in USA plants or sourced in Asia and Europe.

In light of the standards mentioned above, should there be a demand for other eco friendly blends, for example, fabrics suitable for fitness and sport apparel, we will consider this.

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