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Why Are T-Shirts So Popular?

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Why Are T-shirts So Popular? 

Did you know that t-shirts developed out of the 19th Century?

The old onesie or Unionsuit as it was named, was later divided into two garments, top and bottom. They were either with or without buttons.

T-shirts were described as slip on garments, perhaps leading to their popularity with miners for one.  The navy started to use them as undershirts. Some say they date back as far as 1896.

Unionsuit. Considered one of the First t-shirts

Today, t-shirts are mostly worn as outerwear or layered under other garments.The t-shirt is sometimes used as bed or lounge wear by many. It's now one of the most common types of apparel worn around the globe.

Many t-shirts are made from blends of cotton and synthetic fabrics such as viscose or polyester blends. These are often very thin knits and do not allow the skin to breath as well as higher quality 100% cotton or bamboo t-shirts.

Why are t-shirts so popular these days? Well, they are easy to store, easy to wash, usually quite durable and there are t-shirts for every occasion; work, recreation, play and fashion. T-shirts are popular because they allow people to express their individual style. Tees have become a streetwear staple. It would not be surprising if there are as many prints and styles as people on the planet.  

What One Of Our Customers Is Wearing Today. A Scorpio Constellation Unisex T-Shirt by PHD TEE

Happy Customer Wearing The Scorpio Constellation Unisex T-Shirt

PHD TEE™ t-shirts are custom designed or design collaborations. We create our tees using a fusion of space science and fashion looks which make for a perfect street style.
We hope you will have fun browsing our latest t-shirts collections. Better still, wearing them.


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